The run_oq function executes an operational qualification (OQ) on the currently installed sassy packages and generates a report on the results. The OQ ensures that the sassy packages are installed and working as expected. The results will be placed in the supplied location.




The path to the desired output directory. The IQ reports and any other associated files will be placed in this directory. Location should be specified as a directory only. The file names will be generated by the function.


The path to the output directory. This directory will contain subdirectories with the output reports, logs, and other files produced by the Operation Qualification. At the top level, the directory will contain a PDF report showing a summary of the results of the OQ. After the function is run, review this report to ensure that all tests passed.


The Operation Qualification works by executing a representative set of functions from each sassy package, and comparing the results against expected values. Here is a brief description of the operations performed on each package:

  • logr: A sample log is produced and checked for existence. This test confirms the following functions: log_open, log_print, and log_close.

  • fmtr: The basic operations of the package are executed and compared against expected output: fapply, fdata, value, condition, write.fcat, and read.fcat.

  • libr: The procedure verifies that the fundamental operations of the package are working properly without errors: libname, lib_add, lib_remove, dictionary, and datastep.

  • reporter: The reporter package is tested by producing sample reports in each of the available output types: TXT, HTML, RTF, PDF, and DOCX. This method tests almost all of the sub-functions of the package.

  • common: The following representative functions are run and tested for errors and valid return values: v, sort, labels, roundup, Sys.path, find.names, and copy.attributes.

  • procs: All the major functions of the package are executed and tested against expected results: proc_freq, proc_means, proc_transpose, proc_sort, and proc_print.


# Create a temp directory
tmp <- tempdir()

# Uncomment to Run the Operational Qualification
# run_oq(tmp)