• Updated required versions.
  • Updated demographics table example.
  • Removed some sample data to reduce size. Not used in any example code.
  • Added oq validation for proc_reg().
  • Updated required versions.
  • Added oq validation for proc_ttest().
  • Added example for Mean Change from Baseline.
  • Added example for Intext table.
  • Added example for Adverse Events by rows.
  • Added example for Shift table of Lab Values.
  • Fixed bug on install.
  • Added IQ and OQ validation routines.
  • Added procs package.
  • Updated examples to use procs package.
  • Updated some examples.
  • Changed license to CC0.
  • Added forest plot example.
  • Added subject disposition example.
  • Added subject listing example.
  • Added patchwork example.
  • Added common package.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Added and updated vignettes.
  • Update documentation.
  • Added FAQ.
  • Support back to R version 3.6.
  • Added GitHub Actions to test prior R versions
  • Added more vignettes and example programs.

Update R version and web site.

A meta-package to make R easier for SAS® programmers.

Contains the following packages:

  • logr
  • libr
  • fmtr
  • reporter

This package also contains source documentation for the sassy.r-sassy.org web site, R help, and vignettes.