The sassy package is a meta-package that aims to make R easier for everyone, especially people with a background in SAS®. The package brings several useful SAS® concepts to R, including data libraries, formats and format catalogs, data dictionaries, a data step, a traceable log, and a reporting package with a variety of printable report types.

The sassy family of packages is meant to complement the tidyverse. While the tidyverse focuses mainly on data manipulation and development tools, the sassy packages are focused more on formatting and reporting. For most projects, it is expected that users will load both the tidyverse and sassy meta-packages. Between these two, the user will typically have everything they need to easily prepare and report on their data.

Included Packages

The sassy meta-package contains the following packages:

  • logr: Produces a traceable log
  • fmtr: Provides functions for formatting data and a creating a format catalog
  • libr: Gives you the ability to define a libname, generate a data dictionary, and simulate a data step
  • reporter: A reporting package with easy layout capabilities and the ability to write reports in TXT, RTF, PDF, and DOCX file formats
  • common: A set of utility functions shared across the sassy family of packages, and often useful in their own right.

The above links will take you into the respective packages for a deep dive on their capabilities.

Next Steps

Before taking a deep dive into the sassy package documentation, please look at some examples. These examples will give you a feel for the overall flow of a sassy-enhanced program, and allow you to see how the functions work together.

The following examples are provided on this site:

Once you review these examples, please proceed to the package links above to explore the system further!